Sajek valley !

Overview Sajek valley is 2000 feet above sea level. Sajek valley is known as the Queen of Hills & Roof of Rangamati. The name of Sajek Valley came from Sajek River that originates from Karnafuli river. Sajek river is working as a border between Bangladesh and India. Sajek valley resorts are made on the side of the hill to provide the unique experience of tribal lifestyle. Sajek valley is famous for its natural beauty. The valley is surrounded by mountains, dense forest, grasslands hilly tracks. Many small rivers flow through the mountains among which Kachalong and Machalong are notable. On the way to Sajek valley, one has to cross the Mayni range and Mayni river. The road to Sajek has high picks and falls. The native people of Sajek valley are ethnic minorities. Among them Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Pankua, Lushai and Sagma are mentionable. Women seem to be more involved in economic activities here. Tea stalls, food joints, and roadside marketplaces are dominated by women. People, in general, are gentle, welcoming and friendly. Picking fruits and vegetables early in the morning is a major trade here. They are not fluent in Bengali but the young population speaks English confidently.

How To Go

Though Sajek is located in the Rangamati district, it is much easier to travel with Dighinalala of Khagrachari district. So first you have to come to Khagrachari. If you want to go to Khagrachari from Dhaka, you can go by Saudia Paribahan, Shyamoli, Shanti Paribahan, S. Alam, Eagle, etc on the bus. It will cost you nearly BDT 520 in the Non-AC bus. If you want to go to the AC bus you will find BRTC or Saint Martin Paribahan with BDT 700 to 900. Besides, the Shanti Paribahan goes directly to Dighinala and it takes only BDT 580. There are counters of these buses at various points of the city including Gabtali, Kalabagan in Dhaka. If you want to go on holidays, it may be difficult to get a ticket if you don’t buy the ticket before. The distance between Khagrachari and Sajek is about 70 km. You can visit Sajek Valley by reserving Jeep Gari/Chander Gari from Khagrachari. It will cost you BDT 8000 to 10000 with the returning fare. It is perfect for 12 to 15 people. But if you are in a small group, then join with another group to reduce the cost. If it is not possible to find any other group, then you can take CNG. It will cost you BDT from 4000 to 5000. However, it is better not to travel by CNG as the road is very wavy.

Dhaka to Khagrachari

(Sajek) Sajek is situated in Rangamati District but if you are planning to travel from Dhaka then the easiest and convenient route will be through Khagrachori district. To reach Khagrachari from Dhaka you need to travel by road. You can select your mode of transportation as per your preference. You can travel by bus which provides many options of AC and Non-AC busses like Hanif, Saudia Paribahan, Shyamoli, Shanti Paribahan, S. Alam, Eagle, BRTC, Saint Martin, Relax Paribahan and etc. or you can take your private transportation as well. An advice if you plan to visit during holidays, please make sure to get your tickets a little earlier.

Khagrachari to Sajek

The distance from Khagrachari to Sajek is around 70 kilometres which will take you around two hours to reach. To travel from Khagrachori to Sajek you need to reserve a Jeep/ Chander gari as the maze like hilly roads are very wavy. Most importantly you need an expert chauffeur for the ride otherwise it will be really difficult and risky to travel. From Khagrachori your next stoppage will be Dighinala, which is around 23 kilometres away from the town. There you will need to submit all your personal information to the army checkpoint, as they keep records of the tourists due to security reasons. Not only that, you have to make sure to reach there before 5pm as nobody is allowed to enter Sajek after that. There you will move forward with army escort which is available only twice a day. So if you miss that by any chance, you’ll have to wait until the next day. You can also visit Hazagarh Jhorna if you have time when you reach Dighinala.On the way from Dighinala to Sajek, you will cross Bagaihat, Machalong Bazar and Ruilui bazar. The rows of hills and green skyline will make you forget all the tiredness of the road.

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