Kuakata Sea Beach !

Kuakata is a seaport of Bangladesh located in the southwestern part of Bangladesh,

it is a beach tourist spot. Kuakata is known as “Daughter of the Sea” by tourists. It’s length is 18 km, Kuakata is one of the most famous beaches in Bangladesh. You will be surprised to know that it is the only beach in Bangladesh From where you can see sunrise and sunset.

Now let’s discuss how you can go to this beach- By Road – If you want to go to Kuakata from Dhaka then you can go to Kuakata very easily because there are direct buses from Dhaka to Kuakata. From Dhaka to Kuakata “Sakura Paribahan, Sonartari, Surabhi Paribahan, apart from BRTC transports go directly. If you take these buses for Kuakata, these buses will take you to Kuakata. It will be dropped 200m away from the beach.

It takes about 12/13 hours to go from Dhaka to Kuakata, and talking about the bus fare, the fare is only 750 taka in Survi, and 650 in the rest. By Rail – If you want to go directly to Kuakata, you will not get any train, if you want to come to Kuakata by train, you have to take Sundarban Express or Chitra Express. from North Bengal If you want to come, you have to come from Syedpur to Khulna.

BRTC bus leaves from Khulna at 7 am for Kuakata. It takes 7 to 8 hours to go from Khulna to Kuakata. by water- Launch is a very good option as an alternative to road and rail, you can go to Kuakata from Dhaka via Barisal Amtali or Patuakhali.

Kuakata via Patuakhali- The launch from Dhaka to Kuakata departs between 5.30 to 6.30.(PM) The launches that go from Dhaka to Kuakata are – MV Kajal-7, MV Prince Awlad-7, MV Sundarban-9 & 11, MV Jamal-5, MV AR Khan-1, MV Sattar Khan-1, MV Kuakata-1, MV Mahin Rifat-1.

If you want to go to desk in a launch, Your launch fare will be 180-200 taka, and if you go to the launch cabin,it would be 900 taka, if you go single. And if you go double, it will be 1800 to 2000 taka, if you want to go with family. Cabin fare is Tk 2500-3000. VIP cabin fare is Tk 3000-4000. If you go to local launch then your fare will be Tk 150, but these launches take a little more time. In the morning, you will take a rickshaw from the launch and come to the stand, the fare is 15 taka.

You will find many hotels to have breakfast from there. If you want to have breakfast here, you can. Then walk from there to the crossroads, from there rent a motorcycle and go directly to Kuakata, rent a motorcycle from 600 to 800 taka. And it will take a minimum of two and a half hours to go to Kuakata.

Besides, if you want to go by bus, you can also go, in that case, your fare will be Tk 130.But remember that after 5 pm no bus goes to Patuakhali. Kuakata via Amtali – One launch per day goes to Amtali from Dhaka Sadarghat.

The launches that depart are MV Sundarban-5, MV Prince of Hasan Hossain-1, MV Yad, and all these launches are new, these launches leave for Amtali between 8:30 and 5, launch fare is only 200 taka, if you want to go to the cabin, 900 taka if you are single. Double 1800 taka.

If you go to the launch from Barisal then you will need to rent only 100 taka. Places to visit- When you visit Kuakata, you will see 36 feet tall golden Buddha statue, Buddha statue on the embankment next to the sea, Shutki Palli, Fatrar chor, Red Crab Island, the mesmerizing river of Gangamati. Where you can watch the sunrise and sunset at the same time.Kuakata Sea Beach

From Kuakata you can go to Swatch of No Ground, then locals call it Naibam. it is best for you to Hire a trawler for the day from the Kuakata Sea Beach.,Because he will show you all the places. The trawler will take around 1000-1200 taka. If you go to Kuakata, you will keep in mind that Afternoon time spent at Gangamati Char.

Different types of islands(chor) and their characteristics- Fatra Char – If you go to Fatra Char, you will see that the plants here are slightly yellow in color, if you go through the forest, you will see the path here is incredibly beautiful. As you continue from this path you can move towards the sea.

Once there you will see a stove and every night there is camping and barbecuing. Gangamati Char- Special attraction and magical place of Kuakata is Gangamati Char, here you can go by motorcycle, van and trawler to see Sunrise and sunset. And if you want to have the ultimate fun of Gangamati, then you have to cross the canal and go to the eastern end of Char, this place will be the most charming place to explore in your life.

When you go from Red Crab Deep-Kuakata towards Fatra Char, you will see this red crab island, if you come here early in the morning, you will see a procession of red crabs here. You will get a chance to enjoy it only in the morning. Where to stay – There are many hotels in Kuakata, here you will find hotels from 300 to 1500 taka at least. there is no problem staying here, you can stay comfortably in any hotel. Cox’s Bazar, Tourist Hotel Shaibal and Motel Upal, Prabal and Labni.

Cox’s Bazar is known as the tourist capital of Bangladesh all over the world. The beauty, the cultural heritage of the small ethnic groups, the confluence of the mountains and the sea have multiplied its beauty.And this Cox’s Bazar is the location of Hotel Shaibal and Motel Upal, Prabal and Labani of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation. There are all kinds of facilities for tourists with affordable accommodation and food.

You can also hear the roar of the sea from here, that’s why,any tourist is easily attracted.

Shaibal Hotel– Hotel Shaibal Telephone & Fax : 0341-63274 Mobile: 01991-139020 E-mail: hotelshaibalbpc@gmail.com Room facilities: Breakfast, television, telephone, hot and cold water facilities and other facilities. Contact for room reservation Telephone & Fax : 0341-63274 Motel Upal- Motel Upal Cox’s Bazar Telephone & Fax : 0341-64258 Room facilities: Breakfast, television, telephone, hot and cold water facilities and other facilities.

Contact for room reservation Dhaka Office: +880-2-44826527 Telephone & Fax : 0341-64258 Prabal – Tourism Motel Prabal Motel Road, Cox’s Bazar Phone & Fax: 0341-6211 Room facilities: Breakfast, television, telephone, hot and cold water facilities and other facilities. Contact for room reservation Dhaka Office: +880-2-44826527 Phone & Fax: 0341-6211

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