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This lovely piece of heaven situated just below the mountain range where hills are greenish with the forests and blue sky melt in the rivers water. It is an amazing natural place on the earth combined with hills, forests, rivers, blue sky, endless green tea garden and lots of waterfalls. These characteristics make Jaflong an ideal and attractive tourist’s destination of Bangladesh. Another opportunity here is to see tremendous panoramic scenery of two countries from one location, because it is also situated at the border between Bangladesh and the Meghalaya state of Indian. The fantastic scenery of the path between Sripur (7/8 KM before Jaflong) and Jaflong can be added another dazzling feelings on your mind. Because on your right side there are seven beautiful waterfalls (also called seven sisters) one after another in Indian border and continuous green land on your left.

There are lots of beautiful tourist spots in the Sylhet Division but Jaflong is the 1st choice among all of them. It is located in the Gowainghat Upazila of Sylhet District and about 60 km far from the District headquarter. It takes near about two hours drive to reach the destination from Sylhet town.
When you will visit this heavenly place please do and visit the followings as well:

Boating: One of the most attractive events here is boating in the calm river Mari. You will find different kinds of colorful boat floating in the River. Just choose one from them and fix the rate first with the sailor for the river boating and enjoy the great experience of amazing natural beauty of the river, green hills beside the rivers, continuous hilly forests and of course the colorful stones in to the water. Very clean and clear water of the river will call you for a swim. So do not hesitate to have a swim if you have enough time.
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Collection of Rolling Stones: In general, we never think about the beauty of stone or don’t associate stone with beauty. I am requesting you to make a visit to Jaflong; no doubt your concept about stone doesn’t work here because this place is made picturesque natural beauty by the abundance of stones. Jaflong is blessed with the rare beauty of rolling stones from hills. River Mari is flowing within Jaflong from the Himalayas Mountain along the hill Khashia which is the main transporter route of the stones. Various shapes, colors (mainly white and black) and sizes stone can be found here in plentiful. That’s why it’s the main natural sources of stone of whole Bangladesh.

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Colorful life of Khasia (Tribe): ‘Better the dance, better the crop…’ a believing quote of every Khasia people, who are one of the ethnic groups of Bangladesh. That means they believe a better harvest can be obtained if they perform more and better dances. Most Khasias live in the border region of India and Bangladesh. According to the census in 1991, the total number of Khasias in Bangladesh was 12,300. They are short in size with flat noses, high jaws and small slanting black eyes. Their livelihood is defended on hills, mounds, bushes and forests. They are very hard working people, and always neat and clean.

They build their cottages with a narrow balcony and on stilts made of wood and bamboo as well. The Khasia houses are clustered and hence they call their villages Punji. Most of the Khasia villages are surrounded by betel leaf and betel nut gardens. The Khasia language does not have an alphabet but they can speak Bengali as well. Khasia Rajbari (King’s house) is another beautiful watching place here situated in the middle of Khasia Punji.

Panoramic beauty of tea gardens: Jaflong is also a beautiful scenic place for nearby amidst of endless deep green tea gardens. To get experience of this amazing and endless green beauty you must crossing Marie River first then you will get some rickshaw on other side of the river. Just hire one and hide yourself into the green heaven.

Orange & Jackfruit Gardens: To gain the opportunity of seeing scenic scenery of Orange and jackfruit gardens you have to go Sripur first. A series of Orange and Jackfruit gardens are waiting here for you. It is only 7 or 8 km far from Jaflong and on the same road to Sylhet. Sripur is another exceptional tourism spot near Jaflong from where you can see some natural waterfall with great tide, which is falling, form the high hills. Make sure you are going inside Sripur crossing the hills otherwise you can’t see the Orange and Jackfruit gardens.

Betel leaf & Areca nut Gardens: Most of the Khasia villages are surrounded by betel leaf and betel nut gardens. A walk through this Khasia Punjees will take you through a large plantation of betel leaf and betel nut gardens. Scenery of this neat and clean betel leaf plantation can add another loving feeling on your mind.

Tamabil: Tamabil is the zero point and border place between Bangladesh and India. It is located near about 5 km far from Jaflong and has a similar kind of green hilly natural heavenly beauty. At present, a calm and beautiful rest house built here, in lap of natural beauty. A night at this rest house can be mark of a dazzling feeling on your mind. Make sure, to stay there; you get permission from DC (Deputy Commissioner) office in Sylhet at least one week before of your arrival.
How to go
To visit Jaflong you have to go Sylhet first and you can go Sylhet by road, rail and by air from Dhaka. From Sylhet town you can take public bus or hire a microbus or you can hire a CNG as well for traveling to Jaflong. In my point of view, to rent a microbus can be a comfortable and enjoyable trip. It will take only 1-2 hours to reach Jaflong from Sylhet town.
Where to stay
There is only a rest house at Tamabil, near Jaflong which is built recently. But to get a seat there you have to book it at least one week before. That is why; it will be wise to stay at Sylhet. There are lots of classical hotels in Sylhet. Few of these are Hotel Asia, Hotel East End, Nazimgarh Resorts, Hotel Fortune Garden, Hotel Gulshan, Hotel Hilltown, Surma Valley Rest House etc.

If you still not been there please make it your next travel destination and enjoy the unique, green paradise, splendid and enchanting beauty that nature has stored only for you in this calm region. If you want to travel Bangladesh from abroad, make sure you must be in Jaflong a panoramic travel destination of the country.

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