Cox’s Bazar Sea Beach !

Cox’s Bazar beach is the longest beach in the world. Cox’s Bazar is named after Captain Hiram Cox. ​​this is a sandy sea beach which is 120 km long. here You will see the existence of snails and oysters, if you go here you will also find modern hotels, motel cottages, Burmese market etc.

And these places are always crowded with tourists. To decorate Cox’s Bazar in a new way, Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation and the local Sea Beach Management Committee have taken all the activities. In Cox’s Bazar, there is a new umbrella instead of the oyster market.  A modern oyster market “Beach Park Market” has been constructed. There are 16 shops in each market and 20 in same areas. In addition, three more markets are under construction.

These markets have snails and oysters, Burmese products, cosmetics, fast food, cooling corner, Dries, studios, mobile homes and more. At the entrance of the beach you will find the beautiful “Beach Guard Come Park” where you will also find 26 oyster markets.

A two-story observation tower has been built in front of the garden. Which was built with the funding of Labani Point Zilla Parishad and under the supervision of Beach Management Committee.

Various festivals are organized here every year, such as open concerts, national and international beach football, beach volleyball, beach cricket competition, surfing etc. Beach police have been appointed for security.

Other attractions near Cox’s Bazar –

Maheshkhali, Kutubdia Island, Qutub Auliar Shrine and Qutubdia Lighthouse, Kakara Shah Omar Shrine, Vimukti vidarshan Bhavana Vihar, Lama Para Buddhist Vihara, Rangkoot Buddhist Vihara, Sri Sri Ramkoot Shrine Mahasingdogri Buddhist Temple, Pata Bari Buddhist Vihar, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park, Maheshkhali Island and Adinath Temple, Sonadia,Baraitli Rose Gardens, Inani Beach, Himchari, Kudum Caves, Chunati Wildlife Sanctuary, Rubber Gardens, St. Martin’s Island, Torn Island, Teknaf Beach, Hotel Netong, Teknaf, Mathin’s Well, Kana Raja’s Cave, Shah Parir Island, Naf River, Local Traditions.

Cox's Bazar

Cox’s Bazar

Cox’s Bazar is known as the tourist capital of Bangladesh all over the world. It is the longest unbroken sandy sea beach in the world. The diversify beauty of Ramu, the cultural heritage of the small ethnic groups, the confluence of the mountains and the sea have multiplied its beauty.

Besides,the location of  Hotel Shaibal, Motel Upal,
Prabal and Labani of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation are located in Cox’s Bazar. In these hotels and motels, There are all kinds of facilities for the tourists including affordable accommodation and food.You can also hear the roar of the sea from here that is easily attracted any tourists.

Shaibal Hotel- Hotel Shaibal Telephone & Fax : 0341-63274 Mobile: 01991-139020 E-mail: Room facilities: Breakfast, television, telephone, hot and cold water facilities and other facilities.

Contact for room reservation Telephone & Fax : 0341-63274 Motel Upal- Motel Upal Cox’s Bazar Telephone & Fax : 0341-64258 Room facilities: Breakfast, television, telephone, hot and cold water facilities and other facilities. Contact for room reservation Dhaka Office: +880-2-44826527 Telephone & Fax : 0341-64258 Prabal – Tourism

Motel Prabal Motel Road, Cox’s Bazar Phone & Fax: 0341-6211 Room facilities: Breakfast, television, telephone, hot and cold water facilities and other facilities. Contact for room reservation Dhaka Office: +880-2-44826527 Phone & Fax: 0341-6211

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Kutubdia Island

Kutubdia Island:

Kutubdia Island is one of the most beautiful islands in Bangladesh. The area of this island is 216 square kilometers. Kutubdia is 160 kilometers away from Chittagong. Kutubdia Island is named after Kutubdia As per the name. You can go directly from Chittagong or via Cox’s Bazar to Kutubdia.

A steamer departs from Chittagong Sadarghat for Kutubdia daily. Apart from restaurants, you will find residential hotels to stay here. The shrine and Darbar Sharif of Shah Abdul Malek Al Kutubi Muhiuddin. Azmi who is one of the famous saints of the subcontinent is located in Kutubdia.

He was a spiritual saint. He established a library in his own house where students came from far and wide to memorize the Qur’an Sharif. Kutubdia has its own lighthouse. This lighthouse was built in 1846 for direction
Those who go fishing in the sea take boats, trawlers, launches, ships etc. as their night shelter.

When the old lighthouse was swallowed by the sea, the new lighthouse was rebuilt. The light that shines from this lighthouse can be seen from a distance of 40 to 50 km. The beauty of this lighthouse helps to attract the attention of the tourists. Apart from the shrine and lighthouse of Qutub Auliya, you can see natural rocks floating from the sea, green sand dunes and various types of snails and mussels.

Kutubdia Island Attractions-

1. Kutubdia Channel

2. Court of Kutub Auliya

3. the lighthouse

4. the sea beach

5. Wind power plant

6. Salt cultivation

How to reach Kutubdia-

Dhaka to Kutubdia Island :

Dhaka to Kutubdia we can go by Sohag Paribahan,TR Travels,Green Line Paribahan, Hanif Enterprise,
St.Martin Paribahan, Sodia Paribahan, S Alam, Shyamoli, Unique, Eagle etc. paribahan. rental car can be 900 taka to 2500 taka which depending on the car’s condition. you can Go to Cox’s Bazar by this bus and get down at Chakaria bus stand.

Cox's Bazar Sea Beach

Cox’s Bazar

Chittagong to Kutubdia :

You can go to Chakria by any bus from Chittagong Badarhat bus stand. You can go to Magnama
Ghat by local CNG from Chakoria bus stand. And you will pay for CNG 60 to 80 taka.

Where to stay ?

Kutubdia Island has a residential hotel named “Hotel Samudra bilas” in Boroghop Bazar to accommodate the tourists. There are catering and various facilities. Here you will get various non AC rooms for 800 to 1200 taka.
You can contact on 01819647355 and 01722086847.

Cox’s Bazar, Rangkut Buddhist Monastery Rangkut Buddhist Monastery is located in Ramu Upazila. Rangkut Buddhist Monastery is referred to as “Pang-wa” in various historical texts. Or Panoa is represented as the land of yellow flowers.

Ramu was given status as the provincial capital of Arakan. during the reign of Rakhine king Chenda Thuria, At his invitation, Gautama Buddha and his servant Ananda came to Arakan. It is known that there were five hundred other disciples with Gautama Buddha. A religious conference was organized there.

In that conference, Gautama Buddha predicted the future, the West His bier will be placed on a mountain on the east coast of the sea. The bier is called Rang-U or Panoa in the Rakhine language. someone says the area is named after the Rama dynasty of Arakan.

there is a forest hermitage, with ancient Buddhist structures and antiquities. A Buddhist orphanage named “Jagat Jyoti Shishu Sanad” is there sponsored by various countries including Brazil, France and Italy. There is a 1400 old banyan tree. How to go to Ramu- Rangkoot Banashram Buddhist Vihar is 3 km away from Ramu bypass. From Cox’s Bazar district headquarter you can go straight to Ramu by CNG.

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